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Public Awareness and Outreach

BOSASNet provides general public education on substance use, abuse and dependency through:

  • Mass media (radio, newspapers and other print publications, and television)
  • Billboards and information brochures
  • ww.bosasnet.com
  • Facebook

                                                                                 BOSASNet also provides specialized services to fit needs of organisations through:

                                                                                    - Wellness day presentations and screening services
                                                                                    - Tailored presentations
                                                                                    - Educational talks


BOSASNet has a BQA Accredited Foundation Level Substance Abuse and Dependency Counsellor Certification Programme consisting of 10 (ten) modules.
BOSASNet offers:

  • Full programme training
  • Modular training for selected personnel in various organisations
  • Module 10 Practicum Placement opportunities at BOSASNet and Sbrana Psychiatric Hospital

To View Current Training Schedule CLICK HERE

Outpatient Rehabilitation

BOSASNet provides outpatient substance abuse and dependency rehabilitation and support services provided to people suffering from or affected by substance abuse and dependency.

  • Screening and Assessment Services
  • Individual and Group Counselling Services
  • Family Support Groups and Family Counselling Services
  • Appropriate referrals to other service providers where possible

All services are confidential

Technical Support and Expertise

BOSASNet provides clinical information and expertise to its stakeholders and other organisations and individuals in the committee.
Information is based on research, BOSASNet statistics, and BOSASNet expertise in the field.
All clinical information is verified by our Clinical Programme Manager , who is a qualified Clinical Psychologist with expertise in substance abuse and dependency treatment.

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